EUV 2021

“Civil society and welfare state: The role of volunteering / volunteers’ contribution”

We are greatly honored that we are allowed to host the 10th conference for the European University of Volunteering in Denmark in 2021. We want to thank the board of the European University of Volunteering for trusting us with hosting the next conference. We also wish to thank our Russian hosts from May 2019 for a great conference. 

We are delighted that the itinerant university will come to Denmark and we will try to run the ball with different events in the time leading up to the conference in both Denmark and internationally. This includes a plan for an online based curse about volunteering and civic society for both participants and other interested people. Likewise we wish to make educational material for young students in Denmark so they too can learn more about the civic society and the benefits of doing voluntary work. 

We are also planning on a think-tank that at least can give its thoughts on the Danish civic society, however, if there is an interest a European think-tank we will be working for it.Furthermore we wish to expand the already existing collaboration between different universities in Europe about volunteering so the curse can be at the highest level. 

Here we also want to give our thanks to the three leading professors in Denmark, Professor Bjarke Ibsen (University of Southern Denmark), Professor Lars Skov (Aalborg University) and Professor Thomas Boje from Roskilde University Center whom all have agreed to be a part of the conference in 2021. 

For further information please contact the president for the 10th EUV session, Ole Christian Madsen, on or project leader Martin Vilster on

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