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The AssociationEuropean University for Volunteering(EUV) is managed by the Board of Directors, currently composed of four persons, elected at the 3rd General Assembly held during the 8th session of the EUV in Strasbourg, on 7th October 2016:

georg schnurbein

Eugen Baldas

Since 1997 Eugen Baldas has stayed in contact with founders and responsible persons of the European University (EUV) for Volunteering. He attended the 3rd session of the EUV 1999 in Santiago de Compostela and all the other EUVs. In 2001, the International Year for Volunteers, he was coordinator of EUV’s 4th session, held in Freiburg. He is founding member of the Association EUV and member of the Board since the beginning. Eugen Baldas was European Representative in International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), the global network of volunteering; for six years, he was member of the IAVE board of Directors and finally Vice President of IAVE. As the head of the German Caritas Association’s Volunteer Sector, Eugen set up 16 Volunteer Centers in 1996; growing to the 60 there are now. In 2001, the International Year of Volunteers, he was responsible for the 4th session of the European University for Voluntary Service; in 2011, Eugen also represented German Caritas at the national coordination office to put the “European Year of Volunteering 2011” into practice. A current focus within the German Caritas is faith based volunteering. Together with Universities he did various research in volunteering, voluntary service and voluntary activity in the community and published a number of books related to the Voluntary Sector.Since the middle of 2015 Eugen is retired.

viacheslav ivanovisaViacheslav Ivanov
President of the 9th EUV session, 2019 in Russia

Dr. Viacheslav Ivanov is a Chief Expert of Center for Studies of Civil Society and Non-profit Sector at the Moscow’s National Research University‘Higher School of Economics’.He is a member of international research network for study volunteerism and its contribution in peace and sustainable development. He was an invited speaker and chaired plenary sessions and discussions at international conferences, business forums and research symposium son non-profits, civil society,philanthropy,corporate volunteering and active citizenship. His expert and consulting activities are associated with Public Chamber of Russian Federation. He organized and took part in many events to strengthen and promote values of volunteering in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States. He is currently assigned as a National Representative of International Association for Volunteer Effort for Russia.

viola krebs Viola Krebs

Dr. Viola Krebs is the Dean of UBIS (University of Business and International Studies). She is also the Founder of ICVolunteers, an international volunteer-based non-profit organization working in the field of communication. ICVolunteers works with a network of 14,000 volunteers worldwide. She is also the national representative of IAVE for Switzerland. Viola is the writer and editor of a number of publications. She has chaired several international conferences, and served from 2003 to 2005 on the Civil Society Bureau of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Viola has worked in both the public and the private sectors. She holds a PhD in Sciences of Information and Communications from the University of Strasbourg, as well as a Master's in Communications and Media, a Bachelor in Linguistics, Spanish and English of the University of Geneva.Viola’s research areas are: communications and technologies, the non-profit sector and volunteerism, languages and migration, and bilingual education.

georg schnurbein

Ole Madsen

Ole Christian Madsen, MSc (pol. Sci), is the President of Make A Difference Denmark, a national volunteer-based NGO working in the social field. Ole has many years worked for the Danish government, as a special consultant in the field of the national and international civic society and focus on the social volunteering area, CSR and corporate volunteering. In addition, he has worked with the development of various public efforts, among other things, the Danish civil society strategy, the yearly ministry reports on volunteerism and cooperation between civil society, the public and businesses and has been the developer and deputy leader of many of the initiatives adopted by the Parliament in the voluntary field. Ole is an entrepreneur in the social and the voluntary sector and has taken part in develop many of the initiatives in the Danish parliament has adopted in the last 10 years, but also initiatives with national and internationals organizations. He is also the national representative of IAVE for Denmark.

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